McGregor Goes Off –– ‘Shady as*’ Aldo Doesn’t Get Tested In Brazil


The UFC’s interim featherweight champion Conor McGregor isn’t very pleased with how the whole Jose Aldo botched drug test situation went down.

Leading into UFC 189, a tester from Drug Free Sport showed up to do a random drug test with Aldo, in Brail, at his gym. Aldo at first compiled, but then a strange situation occurred where the tester was questioned about his work visa and eventually told he wasn’t able to take the sample and it was thrown out.

After the situation was resolved, Aldo was tested the next day, thus kind of failing to be a random drug test.

Well, now McGregor is speaking out about it some more and saying he doesn’t think Aldo’s really being tested in his home country.

Here’s what he told Combate:

“I got tested. I get tested constantly, it’s his shady ass that doesn’t get tested over there in Brazil. All this corruption is still over there. Some police officer from the gym arrested the guy who was taking the test. That is the shadiest shit I’ve ever heard in my life. So, I take the test, he doesn’t. Test his ass!”

“He should’ve been tested right now, today or this whole period. If he wasn’t, that’s disgraceful. We’ll see. I’ll ask if he was or was not tested.”

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