Masvidal Will ‘Kill’ Fight For The Troops Opponent If He Embarrasses Him With Suplex

“I haven’t’ seen him fight anybody I would call a top fighter or even a decent fighter. I don’t care what he’s done or to who he’s done it, he’s never fought me. I hope he thinks he can come suplex me. Really. I hope he’s relying on that suplex. He’s gonna find out I’m not easy to take down or hold down. If I get launched? He better hope my neck breaks on impact because if I get up, I’m gonna try to knock his (expletive) head out of the cage. If I get embarrassed like that, I’m gonna kill him.I’m gonna find a way to hurt him bad.”

In a recent interview with, UFC lightweight fighter Jorge Masvidal talked about his fight tomorrow night against Russian Sambo expert Rustam Khabilov.

Khabilov has made a name for himself with his relentless takedown attacks, but Masvidal is offering up his own threats of violence for fight night.

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