Mark Hunt: I’m Not Rich, I Just Bank A Lot


Current UFC heavyweight contender Mark “The Super Samoan” Hunt recently made New Zealand’s 20 highest paid athletes list, this according to the New Zealand Herald:

#17. Mark Hunt (UFC) – $890,000

Mark Hunt is New Zealand’s biggest name involved in the world’s fastest growing sport.

Hunt recently signed a new six-fight deal with UFC worth about US$350,000 ($445,000) per fight, win, lose or draw. Given the brutal nature of the sport, Hunt only fights twice a year bringing his annual income to about $890,000. He could earn a further US$500,000 if he challenges for the UFC heavyweight title, but it is very much a long shot for him to get that opportunity.

Hunt can also earn a US$50,000 bonus if he is awarded “fight of the night” honours, as he has done in four of his past six bouts.

Despite his high profile in the UFC world, Hunt has struggled to attract sponsorship dollars. Even his recent agreement with Sky Arena is geared more towards assisting him with promotion, rather than further lining his pockets. Hunt has a couple of low-level sponsors who cover his training camp costs, which can be as much as $70,000 per camp.

Hunt was most recently seen in action earlier this month at UFC Fight Night 51 where he scored a second-round knockout victory over Roy “Big Country” Nelson.

Hunt responded to the his nomination by tweeting the following:

@markhunt1974: Don’t know why my picture is on this list ufc fighters get paid average unless u are the champ.

What is your take on Hunt’s pay scale? Does he qualify as being rich in your eyes?

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