With Marijuana Laws Loosening, Dana White Still Thinks It’s Bad For Business


All around the world a new generation of law-maker is becoming more and more pro-marijuana.

With little known side-effects, and an argument that the drug is a safer alternative to other recreational vices, the world, especially America’s stance, is becoming almost tolerant.

UFC President Dana White chimed in on the subject during a recent UFC media event, and he warned that despite the widespread acceptance, don’t expect the UFC to adopt a tolerance policy.

Sorry Nick…

Check it:

“This is a real tough question because at the end of the day people look at marijuana differently. Even if it becomes legal and you can hang around your house and you can do it, or do it out in public, when you’re competing in a sport… the reason that there’s medical marijuana is for people who are cancer patients, for pain and things like that. I think it’s still going to be looked at as a type of pain killer or something, and pain killers are banned substances. I don’t think there’s ever going to be a day where marijuana is okay for athletes, but the amount of nanograms that can be in their system might go up a little bit. They might allow more nanograms.”

(Transcript via MMAWeekly.com)