Machida Not Scared of Rockhold’s Ground Game


“I think this is a good fight for me. He has a good striking, but I’m ready. If the fight goes to the ground, I will also be ready for everything he does, and I will try to surprise him as well. He’s a top 5, he’s been doing great in his fights and his ground game is really good, but I can go to the ground with him and do well. His ground game doesn’t scare me at all.”

“Every fight is different. I don’t look much to the past, I just see how he is today. It’s hard to say. I can see holes in his game. I haven’t studied his fights yet, but from what I already watched before, his fights in the UFC and Strikeforce, it’s a tough fight, but I’m confident. He’s a complete fighter.”

In a new interview with, Lyoto Machida discussed his matchup with Like Rockhold.

The two middleweights square off in the UFC on FOX 15 main event in April.