Luke Rockhold: ‘After Machida It’s The Title’

Luke Rockhold

Luke Rockhold Machida

“You always think and you always dream. I know what I want, and I believe it’s ahead of me. I believe I’m the best fighter in the world. He’s able to frustrate people. He’s able to use his footwork. He’s very quick. He moves around and he frustrates people, and they get overanxious and try to attack. I’ve just got to stay within myself. There’s no secret. He’s right behind you. He’s listening (literally) .I’m going to hunt him down. … I’m going to put him in a bad space and make him fight my fight. I’m going to make him think about everything I’m going to do. I think I’m better than him everywhere. It’s a different stylistic matchup. He hasn’t fought a southpaw like me that can hit hard like me, kick hard, kick with him, punch with him – I can do everything, and I believe I can do everything better. This is what it is. People can talk, but there’s nothing left after this for me except for the title.”

During last week’s media event in Las Vegas, Luke Rockhold discussed his place in the UFC middleweight division, and his upcoming fight against Lyoto Machida.

Who takes this important middleweight bout?

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