Luke Rockhold blasts “dirty” Vitor Belfort for cheating on “another level”

Luke Rockhold

When it comes to Vitor Belfort’s past transgressions, fighters and fans are split right down the middle. While some see Vitor Belfort’s failed drug tests and PED usage as a thing of the past, others believe he should continue to be ostracized for them.

Prior to Belfort’s appearance on Ariel Helwani’s The MMA Hour podcast on Monday, Belfort’s wife submitted a request to remove any questions surrounding Belfort’s shady drug test results prior to his UFC 152 bout against Jon Jones from the list of potential discussion topics. When Helwani didn’t oblige to her request, Belfort’s appearance was cancelled.

Luke Rockhold had plenty to say about that to BloodyElbow:

“The guy’s living a lie and he’s trying to cover it up the best he can. Ariel’s a solid reporter, he’s going to ask the hard questions and stick to his morals of the game. Good for Ariel for not adjusting to his schedule.”

“Not that I didn’t already know, it wasn’t a surprise. He’s juiced to the gills, the guy pumps up to 205 and looks bigger than everyone out there. No one carries weight like that and transforms themselves. Vitor has been dirty his whole career. There’s everybody else and then there’s Vitor. It’s a matter of how much he’s cheating, not if. There’s a lot of guys that cheat, and then there’s Vitor. It’s just another level, he’s just on everything you could possibly imagine, and it’s been that way since he was 19 years old.”

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