Lombard Goes Off On Rory Mac –– ‘I’m Going to Mess You Up, Your Momma Won’t Recognize You’

Rory MacDonald Robbie Lawler


Watch out guys, UFC welterweight Hector Lombard is looking to do some real damage. The currently suspended fighter told FOX Sports that he’s had enough of Rory MacDonald and wants to shut him up.

Apparently MacDonald has been talking a lot of smack and Lombard wants him to keep his name out his mouth.

However, Lombard worded it a little differently.

Check it out!

“He’s been calling me out, talking a lot of s**t. I have to finish business with this guy. He keeps mentioning my name everywhere. The other day he had an interview with Ariel Helwani. He’s expecting me to be out of shape on my way back. That’s not going to happen.

“He’s expecting to have an easy road. He’s expecting a guy that’s getting a bit older, a year off. Get an easy win. Guess what, Rory? I’m going to mess you up.”

“Rory, I’m going to mess you up so bad man. You’ve got no clue what’s coming. I’m going to mess you up your momma [won’t recognize you.] Tag Rory on the tweet after this. Expecting to have an easy road back? I’m going to give him hell. This is a message to him: Rory, I’m going to mess you up.”

Sorry to bust your bubble Lombard, but didn’t Robbie Lawler already take care of that??

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