Leben: ‘I’ve Grown Up a Lot Since TUF 1’


“I didn’t realize until the end of the show that I had a lot of issues. I didn’t realize that people didn’t wake up and drink every day. I mean, I had been living in my own world. I didn’t realize that I was so different than every body else. Definitely looking back it’s eye-opening. I would just want to let him know that, ‘Hey man, I’ve grown up a lot since then.’ I know that a lot of the stuff that happened on the show made me who I am today. So I wouldn’t take anything back. I wouldn’t change anything, because I truly believe everything happens for a reason.”

Chris Leben will go down as one of the most popular fighters to ever step foot in the octagon. His never-quit mentality brought the fans to their feet several times throughout his career… but he wasn’t always so popular.

Leben’s behavior throughout the first season of The Ultimate Fighter is infamous and couldn’t have been more disastrous. He shared how he felt he matured since the show aired on the MMA Hour. It was nice to see him mature throughout the years into the man he is today.


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