Lawler “Not Worried” About What Rory MacDonald’s Going To Do

Robbie Lawler

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“I’m very far away from worrying about what Rory is going to do, so no offense to Rory, but I’m just going to worry about myself. I’m not worried about what his game plan is or what his Xs and Os are. I’m just going to concentrate on getting better as a fighter.”

“It’s exciting to have a date and opponent, but that’s a ways out – it’s four-and-a-half months away, so I’ll just keep doing what I’m doing, which is try to get better every day. And as the fight gets closer, my coaches will start fine tuning and putting a gameplan together.”

“I always have the same plan. If it does go to decision, you just have to win more rounds. I just want to go out there and try to stop somebody. That’s what my game plan is. Always.”

In a new interview with, Robbie Lawler explained his mentality going into this rematch with top contender, Rory MacDonald.