Koscheck Wants To End Career With The UFC

Josh Koscheck


Josh Koscheck hasn’t been in the Octagon since he was KO’d by Tyron Woodley at UFC 167, over a year ago. The loss extended Koscheck’s losing streak to 3, and opened the door for retirement talks among fans, but not Koscheck.

“I never said the word, ‘retire,’ That never came out of my mouth. What I did say was, ‘Hey, I need to consider what’s going on with my career right now.’”

With Frank Mir returning from a year-long hiatus from the Octagon to defeat Bigfoot Silva and snap his 4-fight losing streak, Koscheck is hoping to do the same as he steps into the Octagon to fight Jake Ellenberger this Saturday at UFC 184.

He spoke about the opportunity to improve in the year off:

“I think this time off was a great opportunity for me to improve in a lot of areas, especially becoming a more complete fighter. The time off was well needed. I’ve had a long career with the UFC, and I think that this time off was important time, but also I improved in a lot of areas I needed to improve in.”

“I’ve been around for a long time. One year, I had like six or seven fights in a year span. I fought a lot when I was younger. As you get older, you’ve got to adjust things in your body to stay healthy and keep your mind fresh.

“I’ve fought a lot, I’ve never said no to fights and I’ve always stepped up when the UFC needed me. I’m willing to do the same now, so I think our sport needs to continue to be a good sport, clean sport, and have role models. I look forward to this fight.”

“I started my career with the UFC and hopefully I’ll get the opportunity to end my career with the UFC. I’d like to have that opportunity to win two more fights and then see. I’ll talk to Dana and then see what the future holds for me and what direction it goes. For me, right now, I’m focused on this one day at a time until I get that opportunity.”

– via MMAJunkie