Khabib — ‘Pettis is a joke, belongs on the prelims’

UFC lightweight Khabib Nurmagomedov

Khabib Nurm

“When I fight with Rafael dos Anjos, I feel he’s very strong guy. But when I say he smash Anthony Pettis, a lot of people say ‘Khabib says trash talk.’ But I feel this. You remember after UFC 181, I told you I want fight with Anthony Pettis? And you say, ‘What plan you have for Anthony Pettis?’ I told you, ‘move forward, push him, take him down, take him down easy’ … I told you. Give him hard punch. Rafael dos Anjos make my plan with Anthony Pettis, and now I think a lot of people understand now, I am no trash talking. I say truth. He not bad fighter, but his wrestling and grappling are zero. I told you he’s no true champion. I told you Rafael Dos Anjos can beat him, I can beat him, and a lot of fighters can beat him. But all the time Dana White said he’s pound-for-pound king, one of the greatest. His coaches said he’s Mayweather in MMA. I think is joke. Now everybody understands who is who. Rafael Dos Anjos, I am, and Cowboy, and Michael Johnson … these guys top four in lightweight division. Now, Anthony Pettis can go to the prelims.”

During Monday’s stint on “The MMA Hour‘ Khabib Nurmagomedov had some harsh words for the former UFC lightweight champ, Anthony Pettis.

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