Kennedy Thinks Bisping Will ‘Chicken Out’ Of Fighting Him

“I’m sure he’s going to try and duck me. A year and a half ago when Zuffa bought Strikeforce and just the prospect of me being able to fight him, I was like ‘Yes! This is awesome!’ I’m looking forward to fighting Michael Bisping. And he’s like, ‘who’s this Tim Kennedy bloke? When that guy fights in the UFC, then he can come talk to me. And I’m like, ‘oh, cool. I smashed a couple guys in the UFC. Michael Bisping, I want to fight you.’ And he said, ‘never mind, I don’t actually mean that. Let me fight somebody who doesn’t have a chance at beating me.’ Yeah, he’s gonna try and dodge me.”

“He talks tough on Twitter but when it comes down to fighting me, he’s going to be a chicken. He’s going to try and dodge me. He’s going to try and manipulate the situation to where at first I had to have enough fights and now I need to be ranked high enough. If that’s the case, fine, whatever. Eventually he can’t run from me.”

“Really, it’s crazy. I’m a fight away from being higher ranked than him. And then he won’t be ranked high enough. It’s a great fight. Stylistically it’s a great fight. Chemistry-wise, I think he’s a jerk. I think he’s a dirty fighter. And I like beating up dirty fighters. I look forward to it.”

In a recent interview with, top UFC middleweight prospect, Tim Kennedy, puts Michael Bisping on notice and let the world know that Bisping will likely dodge the proposed bout in favor of an easier matchup.

Kennedy last saw action in his impressive performance of Rafael Natal in their headlining gig at Fight For the Troops 3.

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