Kennedy Offers Dominant Position Start To Sonnen At Metamoris

Tim Kennedy

“First, Chael is wrong and I could care less. Chael wanted to bring it up again, which is fine. My first assumption is that he’s trying to promote a match with me at Metamoris, which is a horrible decision because I’ll destroy him every which way.

“I think it’s hilarious. Every time I’ve ever met with him we’ve been cordial. It just seems totally out of the blue.”

“For me, it’s just considering the source. He’s a multi-drug test failing, PED user felon so do I really care what he says? I really don’t care, but if he’s trying to promote a match for himself I’m absolutely down and I’ll make fun of him the whole time … then I’ll choke him out.”

“I’d feel bad. Maybe he could start in a dominant position or something. We could talk about the rules later. Start with him on my back with hooks in or something. Something that makes it fair. Maybe I’ll wear an American flag gi and he’ll wear a jumpsuit. Which is fitting.”

In a recent chat with, Tim Kennedy discussed his growing fued with Mr. Chael P. Sonnen.


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