Josh Thomson Statements Do Not Warrant Action, Says UFC Boss

“He didn’t say anything negative. He didn’t say anything bad. He didn’t say anything against gay marriage or gay people. He just posed the question. Is it stupid? What he put down was probably the dumbest thing I’ve heard. He should probably get a hobby like finger painting, or something, and leave talking to smart people. That’s probably what he should do. That would probably be really good for him, but we don’t stop people from having their own opinions.

He doesn’t like gay marriage — that’s his opinion. He didn’t hurt anybody, he didn’t say anything negative. He just said that if people were able to do what they think is fun, or what makes them happy, when does it end? What he said was asinine and absolutely just the stupidest gibberish I’ve ever seen in my life. He should stick to finger painting or fighting and leave the talking to smarter people. He didn’t hurt anybody.”

UFC lightweight fighter, Josh Thomson has been making headlines for all he wrong reasons lately, but according to Dana White, he hasn’t broken any rules that would warrant any disciplinary action on the UFC’s part.

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