Jones’ manager: DC rematch will be on our terms

Jon jones Daniel Cormier

Jon Jones was recently reinstated by the UFC, and has reportedly never been more focused.

With that being said, a rematch with current UFC light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier is on everyone’s mind. The only obstacle to that is that DC is currently looking to sit out for a while and rest up for the remainder of the year.

The way Jon Jones’ manager sees it, the terms of Jones vs. DC II should be up to Jones, not DC. Jones manager, Malki Kawa spoke on The MMA Hour to discuss the rematch, and why it will be on his client’s terms.

“I don’t think DC has any choice in the matter, to be honest with you. Everybody knows who the champion is.”

“[Cormier is] a phenomenal fighter, but he still hasn’t beat Jon Jones. No one took that belt from him. At the end of the day, him parading around like ‘I’m the true champ,’ it doesn’t really sit well with me. I’m just me talking from my perspective. With that being said, to me I think it’s an important fight for DC. So if Jon wants to fight him in February, March, April, May, June, July, whatever, I think DC should just step up and take the fight.”

“Here’s the thing people forget: He’s already beaten Daniel Cormier and it wasn’t close. So him talking, what does that really at the end of the day matter? He beat him up, he beat him up easy and it wasn’t even close. He said he’d take Jon down a 100 out of a 100 times if he wanted and all that other stuff. And Jon kind of had his way. Took him down and did what he wanted and it wasn’t a close fight at all. With that being said, if Jon wants to fight someone else, then Jon will push to fight someone else. If Jon wants to fight Cormier because he wants his belt back, and that’s what’s in Jon’s head, then that’s what Jon’s going to do. It has no dictation at all because of Daniel Cormier.”

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