Johny Hendricks Wants Rubber Match With Robbie Lawler In Texas


Perhaps one of the most anticipated fights of UFC 185 was a match between two top welterweights, Johny Hendricks and Matt Brown.

Many fans hoped for a real back and forth war on the feet. What they got was a one-sided pummeling, as Hendricks used his wrestling to take Brown down whenever he felt like it. There were brief flashes of what could have been a bloody striking show, but Hendricks made the choice to utilize his high-level wrestling and Matt Brown’s lack of in order to win the unanimous decision.

So who’s next for Hendricks? If he has his way, it will be a man he has faced twice already and it would take place in his home state. Hendricks gave his thoughts after the event.

“I would like to fight Robbie Lawler again. I’m not going to lie. He’s a tough dude, and he’s a very nice guy, which I like. I like fighting nice guys and fighting guys that I don’t have a problem getting in the octagon with. But it doesn’t matter. I’m not going to sit there and say I want to fight one or the other because I don’t want to pick who wins or loses. Because if the other one wins, I don’t want them to be hating on me and give them more fuel. So whoever wins will be perfect.

“October in Houston? Hey, that’d be pretty sweet. Fighting in Texas again, are you kidding me? Never have to travel in 2015? That would be pretty awesome, fighting in Texas again. I feel like I had the crowd tonight, and I’d love to fight in front of them again.”


By: Ryan C. Miller | Twitter