Johnson: Gus Beat Up Jones. I Want to Beat Him 10 Times Worse

Anthony Johnson

Anthony “Rumble” Johnson was the first man to knock Alexander Gustafsson out and he earned the right to challenge Jon Jones for his UFC Light Heavyweight Championship in the near future.

Johnson stated in the post fight press conference that he is ready to take the title shot whenever the UFC wants him to. “I’ll take the title fight whenever UFC wants me to. I’m ready for whatever. I think I’ll be the hardest puncher he’s ever faced and he’s faced a lot of top quality guys.” Johnson continued, “Hopefully I can just do thing nobody else has done to him. Alexander gave him the worst beat g he’s ever had. Hopefully I can give him one ten times as worse.”

The bout is all but confirmed. Do you think Anthony Johnson will be able to defeat Jon Jones or does the champion retain his title?