John Lineker looks to be the ‘giant at bantamweight’

UFC veteran John Lineker is looking to build his name in the bantamweight division, and may be able to do that with a potential revenge match with Bryan Caraway.

“I saw that Bryan Caraway wants to fight me,” Lineker wrote to MMA Junkie. “I also heard he’s friends with Francisco Rivera, so I guess he just wants to defend his buddy’s honor and have his back, and I’m absolutely fine with that.”

Caraway was heard previously on MMA Junkie Radio saying, “He beat Francisco, so I kind of want to get in there and mix it up with him.”

“Truthfully, I’m honored that Caraway wants to fight me,” Lineker said. “I’ll graciously accept the fight if it fits the UFC’s purpose. I know it fits mine.

“I need another name in the division that I can knock out. People keep calling me small for the division, but as I continue to rack up these names, they’ll be calling me a giant at bantamweight.”

If the fight gets booked, who do you see winning? Blast your opinion in the comment section below!

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