Joe Rogan Reacts to IV Ban: ‘It’s Dangerous and Stupid’

Joe Rogan Instagram Pic

Joe Rogan Instagram Pic

Weight cutting is just as much a part of mixed martial arts as the traditional glove touch at the beginning of each bout. Fighters could be cutting as much as fifteen pounds in order to make weight at the weigh-ins before a fight. While that does sound dangerous, one of the safest ways to assure a safe and proper rehydration is through an IV.

A new policy may be enforced by the USADA that restricts utilizing IV bags for rehydration after weigh ins, and fighters aren’t happy about it. UFC commentator Joe Rogan believes that the ban of IV bags is dangerous and could lead to fighters getting seriously hurt:

The ban of rehydrating through IV bags may actually change which fighters fight in which weight class. Gone will be the days where they can cut 20 or 30 pounds the week leading up to a fight. How do you think this will impact the UFC?

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