Joe Rogan: ‘Bring Invicta to the UFC’


“They have a 145 [division] in Invicta, which is something that the UFC owns. Maybe [UFC] own it or part of it? I don’t know if the UFC bought it. Somehow or another, they’re working together. I believe the UFC bought it. I don’t pay attention to that s—. I should, probably. It’s part of my job. That’s neither here nor there. What’s important is that [Invicta] have all women fights and they have a lot of fighters. Just bring them over to the UFC. Let’s just bring them over. Bring 145 over. Let [Cyborg] fight in the UFC.” People will be calling for (Rousey vs. Cyborg, if Cyborg was in the UFC). Right now, they’re not calling for it because they don’t know. It’s interesting. Do I understand why Ronda would want to fight [Cyborg] at 135? Yea, that’s the smart thing to do. You’re going to fight a f—ing wrecking machine. [Cyborg’s] big and she knocks b****es out. She knocks chicks out in a way very few fighters knock people out. She puts it on girls. She’s scary. Everyone should be scared of her. They all should be scared. Especially if you’re lighter than her.”

Taking to the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast, UFC commentator Joe Rogan said he would like to see the UFC absorb the all-female Invicta FC promotion.