Interview With Paige VanZant: ” I want to say it wasn’t hard”

Paige “12 Gauge” VanZant is on the fasttrack conversation with Submission Radio, VanZant admitted that pursuing her dreams and avoiding the negativity can be overwhelming. Paige speaks with submission radio.

“I wanna say it wasn’t hard, but it was,” she said. “I do take what people say to heart, and it was hard at first, but then I have to look at it like, I have so many blessings in my life. There’s no way I should look at anything like this with a negative heart or with a negative emotion behind it. So, I just think about how blessed I am,” VanZant said.

VanZant is all  “eyes on the prize”, with her road to UFC gold.  Felice Herrig took to verbal assault on social media before they fought back in April of this year. “12 Gauge” shot down both insults and any offense that Herrig had brought for her to that fight.

VanZant continued. “I know how hard I’ve worked, and I know what I’ve sacrificed, and I’ve had a very, very hard road to get to the UFC,” she says. “So, I know I deserve every second and every opportunity I’m getting, and I’m just going to continue to win fights and make a great statement for these companies. I am very blessed to be a part of Reebok, and I just want to continue be a good representative of their company, and for all the companies I work with moving forward.”

Regardless, if you’re a champion fighting for a title in the UFC or you’re posting your personal workout results on social media, whoever your are, people will doubt you, be jealous of you, think you don’t deserve it, etc.  The life changing experience of becoming the future face of the UFC in a short amount of time would be mind numbing. Her positivity is what she’ll need moving forward. The rest will fall in line.

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