‘I Wanna See MotherF’rs Fight, I Don’t Care What Jones Does Outside The Octagon’

Matt Brown

matt brown

Matt Brown made it obvious that he could not care less for Jon Jones.

After allegedly fleeing the scene of an accident that he caused where there was an injured pregnant woman, Jon Jones has lost the respect of a lot of fighters. While a lot of people wish Jones bounces back and makes a return to the octagon, welterweight Matt Brown doesn’t care about what happens to “Bones”.

In a recent interview with Fox Sports, Brown said, “I never wanted to throw Jon Jones under the bus for the coke, I don’t give a **** if you go party or the other things that he’s done. This one I didn’t like because he [allegedly] left a pregnant woman at the scene hurt. There’s no way he didn’t know. I don’t believe for a second he didn’t know what he was doing.”

Brown went on to say that he was happy that Jones was stripped of the championship in his absence so the division wouldn’t be held up. “Me, personally, I think it was the right thing to strip the title, but when it comes down to it, I want to see the best fighters in the world fight the best fighters in the world… Everything outside of the cage is meaningless. I want to see motherf***ers fight. I don’t care what he does.”

Matt Brown tells it like it is!

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