Holdsworth Suffering From Post-Concussion Syndrome, Return Date Unknown

Chris Holdsworth

Ultimate Fighter Season 18 winner, and Team Alpha Male fighter Chris Holdsworth hasn’t seen the inside of the Octagon since May of 2014.

The undefeated prospect, has been out nearly a year, and has no timetable on a return, due to a battle with post-concussion syndrome.

MMAFighting.com has it:

“I cut all that weight. I fight, get hit in the head. Then I started eating bad after the fight. Everything starts going out of wack.”

“It’s hard to take time off when all you know is go, go. That’s my lifestyle. I train every day and I train hard. It’s just frustrating. When you get something taken away from you that you love doing so much — it’s your lifestyle — it’s hard on us. It’s really depressing and frustrating. I definitely think people rush back from injuries and rush back from head trauma in general. These things take a lot longer than people think and everyone is like, ‘When are we gonna see you back?’ It’s like, man — when I’m healthy to fight. My health is more important than anything else. I think I rushed back into things from the finale. I should have took some more time off. I just didn’t know any better. I was feeling good. I felt 100 percent, but realistically I still had trauma. I still needed to heal up. As I’m getting older, I’m starting to learn that it’s better to train smarter than harder. We don’t get paid in the gym; we get paid to fight. You’ve gotta conserve your body and most importantly conserve your brain.”