Johny Hendricks: Nobody Here Has Seen My Jiu-Jitsu

Johny Hendricks

Even though fans are trashing him for repeatedly taking the fight to the ground, Johny Hendricks walked out of Dallas, Texas at UFC 185 with another victory in his record. He was not happy with his overall performance, but he elaborated that he was glad he got to provide some proof that he has some actual grappling skill.

During the post fight presser, Hendricks mentioned, “Nobody in here has seen my jiu-jitsu. Matt Brown is tough. He’s got good submissions and he’s finished a lot of people off the ground. I think I was able to prove I have the jiu-jitsu part of my game, and I feel I have a lot to improve on. Every fight I’m part of, I’m going to go out there and learn. I have a lot to improve on and that makes me happy.”

Hendricks continued, “The takedowns were there. They were pretty easy to get. Sometimes you have to showcase you actually have jiu-jitsu. It was actually refreshing to get down there. It was nice to get out there and train it and put it to use. “