Hendricks: ‘My body shut down, I had a bad weight cut’

Johny Hendricks wins - 181

Last night in the main event of UFC 181, many fans noticed that in the 4th and 5th round, Johny Hendricks did not look like himself.

The former champion spent quite some time pressing Lawler against the cage and stalling repeatedly.

He spoke to FOX Sports post-fight about how his body failed him, after a bad weight cut.

“I thought I clearly won the first three rounds. The fourth and fifth round, the body just shut down. He came on strong. Early on, my takedowns were great. I was trying to wear him down, grind him and get his arms tired, but it did the total opposite. This was a little hiccup. I had a bad weight cut. Maybe I can’t balloon up to 215 pounds. The weight came off early and then it stopped. Robbie is the champion, and now I get excited to fight someone else.”

Do you want to see a rubber match between Hendricks and Lawler?

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