Henderson Calls For Bout Against MacDonald After Win Over Thatch

BEnson HEnderson

Last night in the main event of “UFC Fight Night: Broomfield”, Benson Henderson made his welterweight debut, and did so in impressive fashion.

Henderson utilized his head movement and elusiveness in the first round to weather the initial storm brought on by Thatch until the second round, when he began getting takedowns.

Ultimately, Henderson submitted Thatch in the 4th round (See that HERE).

What surprised most fans however, was that when Henderson was asked about his future in the welterweight division during the post-fight Octagon interview, he called out Rory MacDonald saying:

“I hear there’s a big name ‘MacDonald’ up in Canada who needs a fight, so if he still needs it, I’m game.”

What do you think PENNation? Do you want to see Henderson vs. MacDonald? Sound off below!