GSP’s Ex-Manager: ‘I Know For Sure GSP Will Come Back For One Fight’

Georges St-Pierre


“Georges is going to come back for one fight. I can’t say he’s going to come back and go on a title run and do 10 fights, but I know for sure he’s going to come back for one fight.”

“It’s one of those things where, Georges got injured, which is something that wasn’t expected, and Anderson Silva got caught with steroids, so I mean, there’s a lot of things that have happened in the past few months that can change the scenario a little bit. But I know that Georges has the will, and he wants one more fight. He doesn’t want to leave the sport with that fight with [Johny] Hendricks, I know that for a fact.”

Are you ready for a potential return to the octagon for Georges. St. Pierre?

Stephane Patry, GSP’s former manager, told MMAFighting says he believes St. Pierre is eventually going to come back for at least one fight, and mentions the former champion does not want his legacy to be remembered by his performance against Johny Hendricks.

Georges St. Pierre not only left the UFC but retired from the sport of mixed martial arts altogether in 2013 for reasons unknown at the time. St. Pierre later confirmed he left the sport because he thought there was room for improvement with the drug testing policies.

Do you think it’s time to see “Rush” back in the octagon?

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