GSP to do 6 week camp, then decide on MMA return

Georges St-PIerre

Georges St. Pierre has long been rumored to be returning to MMA in the near-future however nothing is set in stone.

Recently there have been two major breakthroughs in regards to rumors of a potential GSP return announcement.

The first was a clip of GSP training with famed boxing coach Freddie Roach. The second was GSP’s teammate Rory MacDonald letting slip that GSP would be returning for super fights, and not for the title.

Now, Freddie Roach has revealed that GSP will go through a 6 week training camp, and then decide on whether or not he’s ready to return to the UFC.

He spoke to FightHubTv:

“So we came up with a process. He’s going to train for a fight. He’s going to have a six-week training camp,” said Roach. “And at the end of the six weeks if he feels like he’s ready to fight and he’s hungry for it like he always has been he’s going to do it.”

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