GSP Names The Greatest Fighter Of All Time––Do You Agree?

GSP Silva

GSP Georges St Pierre

Former UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre has been away from the sport for a little while now, after announcing that he was giving up the belt and ‘taking some time off.’

Since then he’s been filming movies and from the looks of it just enjoying his life. He was recently interviewed by the media during a workout session and talked about a wide array of topics in MMA, including who he feels is the greatest fighter of all time.

“Growing up at school, I got bullied a lot. I was always a smaller and younger than the other guys that used to pick on me, and seeing a guy like Royce who weighed 170 pounds, take on the giants, and very intimidating people, because they back in the day, they didn’t have any weight class, it made me feel like it was me fighting the bullies at school.

“I see Royce as an inspiration to me, and that’s why I like Royce so much.

“What he did for this sport would never be done ever again he’s the greatest of all time, and everybody should respect that.”

Where do you rank Gracie on the G.O.A.T list?
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