GSP: I Should Have Stopped Earlier than I Did

Georges St-Pierre interview

GSP Georges St Pierre

Georges St. Pierre walked away from the sport of MMA in December 2013 and made it clear he had no idea when, or if, he was making his return. Now, he’s admitting that he should have stepped down as UFC Welterweight Champion earlier than he did.

“I became world champion by training for fun. And then the fun became business, and business became stressful, and then you lost fun. I didn’t have fun at the end, I did it because I had to, not because I wanted to,” St. Pierre told Ground and Pound MMA. I should have actually stopped maybe one fight before, or two fights before, but I couldn’t. It was always constantly another guy challenging me. Carrying all this weight on my shoulders, I felt like I needed to do it, instead of wanting to do it.”

St. Pierre was riding an eleven fight win-streak going into his most recent fight. UFC 167 hosted his title defense against “Big Rig” Johny Hendricks in Las Vegas, Nevada. The fight was close and St. Pierre was just a couple points away from losing his championship to Hendricks, but he ended up taking home the split decision victory. Less than a month after that fight, St. Pierre announced his temporary retirement.

When do you think we will see St. Pierre make his return to the UFC? Do you think he will EVER come back? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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