GSP Discusses Alien Mind Erasing Threat On Earth

Before anyone starts ripping into to GSP too hard, let me just preface this story by stating that, I myself am a believer in extraterrestrials.

The fact that the former UFC champ is addressing this topic publicly, is not only entertaining, but also fascinating to us believers.

During GSP’s time on Chael Sonnen’s “You’re Welcome” podcast, the former UFC champ discussed the possibility of UFO’s, Aliens and more.

Georges told Sonnen, that throughout his life, he’s experienced strange occurrences, memory loss, and more.

“It’s very weird stuff, and I heard it . . . a guy like, I think it’s Hershel Walker, it happened to him too . . . it’s a disease or something, but I have not been diagnosed by that disease that they talk about.”

“Sometimes I feel like my memory got erased.”

“If you ask me about if I ever encountered something . . . I have no memory. I do have memory that, if you ask my parents, I used to draw the monster . . . I used to draw them on a paper. But even if I look at the paper, I have no memory of this, I have no memory that I used to draw them. It’s like a part of my life that’s been erased.”

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