Greg Jackson Ready To Prep Jones For Anyone The UFC Wants

“It doesn’t matter to me. It’s whatever the UFC says. As long as we have enough time to prepare, we’re going to have to fight them all anyway. We’re going to have to fight Machida again, we’re going to have to fight Gustafsson, whoever else they put in front of us. It’s just a matter of who’s next. But I never want to be like, ‘Oh, no, avoid this guy’ or ‘fight this guy.’ When you’re the champion, you really have to take on, that’s part of being the champion; whoever they say you have to fight, you have to fight. People might not think that makes sense because we said we don’t want to take a new fight on short notice. But, that’s a whole different animal. It’s not that we were avoiding the opponent, we were avoiding the situation. We want to make sure we were well-prepared. This is a world title in a sport that I think is the best in the world by far, and I want to take that seriously.”

It should be clear to everyone at this point that Jon Jones is likely to be the ruling pound-for-pound king in the coming years if not sooner.

The man has literally taken out nearly every top fighter, including legends in his division.

Not one to shy away from a tough challenge, it should come as no surprise that, his head coach, Greg Jackson is willing to prepare Jones to take on anyone and everyone the UFC wants to put in front of him.

(quote via The MMA Hour)

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