‘Good or Bad, I’m Just Happy Fans Are Talking About Me’

Sam Alvey

Sam Alvey

Sam Alvey’s journey is far from over, but his path to the UFC wasn’t an easy one. Alvey has been fighting around the country for promotions like King of the Cage and Bellator since 2008 before finally making his way into the octagon.

With three wins strung together in a row, Alvey will be “smilin” for the foreseeable future. Now that his face is out there and he is getting more exposure, he stays positive by reading fan feedback on internet forums! “It’s been almost all positive lately. My wife, she’s huge into the forums,” Alvey said on MMA Hour. She’s been reading the forums out loud to me every night. It was a great fight. It was a good opportunity. I’m very happy with the outcome.”

Alvey is well aware that the internet is filled with negative people, and he is fine whether he receives positive or negative feedback from readers. He’s just happy they’re talking about him.

“The Internet’s a dangerous place,” he warned. “More people than not, to this day, have been anti-Sam Alvey on the Internet. But it doesn’t bother me. It’s the Internet for a reason. People need a place to vent and I’m happy at least that they’re talking about me whether it’s positive or negative.”

Alvey is currently unranked, but do you think he can crack the top fifteen with a win in his next octagon appearance? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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