Friend of Travis Browne’s wife reveals texts messages the day after an alleged assault

Travis Browne

Despite getting his name cleared by the Ultimate Fighting Championship, the saga between Travis Browne and his wife seems to be far from over.

Earlier in July, the UFC heavyweight fighter was accused of domestic abuse by his wife Jenna Renee Webb. Webb took to Instagram and posted images of herself with cuts and bruises, ultimately claiming it was Browne who caused them.

The alleged domestic attacks forced UFC to temporarily suspend Browne from all upcoming events while they performed a third-party-investigation to get to the bottom of the situation. UFC eventually found Browne innocent of any wrong doing and has since reinstated him:

“The investigation found inconclusive evidence to support claims of alleged domestic violence involving Browne and inconclusive evidence that Browne had violated the UFC Fighter Conduct Policy.”

Webb was furious to find out UFC’s results and revealed plans to take legal action against the UFC. Just days later, a friend of Webb leaked some texts between them on her Instagram along with a statement supporting her friend:

So I’ve kept quiet for too long. Ya I know I will lose followers all the keyboard warriors will chime in. But I could really care less at this point. My heart is broken. For many reasons. I truly cannot believe how ignorant and mean some people can be. All these people telling Jenna to go kill herself, calling her names, tearing her apart, really haven’t a clue. They weren’t there so how can they just say He is innocent. For someone who’s lived with them I think I would know. Jenna has been my best friend for years now and yall have no idea how it feels getting phone calls, texts hearing her ball her eyes out her being completely helpless and me being on the other end just as helpless. It’s the worst feeling knowing the person you love so much is in so much pain. And now all of these people who weren’t there, who haven’t a clue on what’s really going on, to rip her apart even more. I don’t see how so many people can sit behind a keyboard without an ounce of empathy to say the things they are saying. Ya it’s fine having your opinion and saying it but to tell her to go kill herself is something in itself. I will never understand why people will go out of their way to be so hurtful. @jennareneefit

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No matter which side of the story is true, this is an unfortunate event for all parties involved. Stay tuned to BJPENN.COM for the latest updates on the situation.

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