Freddie Roach: GSP was suffering migraines, wanted to take two years off

Fight Hub TV founder Marco Villegas recently spoke with legendary boxing coach Freddie Roach about his ‘occasional client’ and former UFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre.

Coach Roach offered some interesting insight regarding St. Pierre’s recent retirement, which Villegas promptly posted on twitter:

•Had a quick convo with Freddie Roach, told me some interesting stuff about St Pierre

•Says that he advised St Pierre to take a year off as GSP told him he wanted two years off

•GSP agreed with him because Roach said a two year break would be retirement.

•Roach also said that St Pierre was getting a lot of migraines before his fights.

•Roach said he was in the car with St Pierre when he got a call from Dana White to negotiate a Anderson Silva fight

•The plan was for both Silva and St Pierre to fight if they won their fights with Hendricks and Weidman.

•The fight would of been a catch weight. As Roach advised GSP to ask for that.

What is your take on the recent statements made by ‘Coach Roach’ Penn Nation? Do you think GSP will return before the end of 2014? Sound off!

By Chris Taylor




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