Frankie Edgar’s Message To PED Users: ‘I’ll Beat You Anyway’

Faber Edgar

With the recent string of PED busts in MMA, from Anderson Silva, and Jon Jones, to Jon Fitch in the World Series Of Fighting, the PED issue is one that can’t be ignored.

As Frankie Edgar gears up for his “UFC Fight Night: Manilla” bout against Urijah Faber, he gave his thoughts on the ‘hot topic’ everyone has been talking about, and warns PED users that he would beat them anyway.

“I kinda got a little different take. I’m not one to take them, I’m definitely clean myself. But I say take them. You want to let them? Take them. I don’t care. I think I’ll beat them anyway. That’s how I feel.”

“I mean, I’m kinda saying that in the air. It would be a better sport clean, obviously. It doesn’t seem like it’s happening though. So if the statistics are true, I’ve probably fought someone on PEDs already, and I’m still here, I’m still doing okay. So I think those PEDs ain’t going to help you in the fourth and fifth.”

– via MMAFighting