Former UFC Champ Rashad Evans: ‘I Love The Trash Talking’

Rashad Evans

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Rashad Evans will be making his return to the octagon this weekend after nearly two years out of competition.

Evans will come back and fight Ryan Bader at UFC 192, a fight that could put him in the title picture, if he wins. Before getting injured, Evans was on a two fight win streak, with his most recent win coming against Chael Sonnen.

Leading up to the fight with Bader, Evans talked to The Las Vegas Sun and said that all the trash talk leading into fights is something he enjoys about MMA. Bader has gone on Twitter and posted pictures of Evans, poking fun at his weight.

Evans says it was a major mistake on Bader’s part and says he’s going to go in there and show him he’s not that fat guy from the picture.

He also had a few more things to say about Bader:

“I don’t think he has the high-level wins consistently to warrant a title shot. He’s shown he has become a little bit smarter fighter, but honestly speaking, Bader used to be the dumbest damn fighter in the UFC.”

“I love the trash talking and everything else. It’s just a part of the sport and I laugh about it because, when it’s all said and done, these are the memories I’ll remember the most.”


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