Forbes Release List Of Top 100 Highest Paid Athletes –– No UFC Fighters Make The Cut

The top 100 highest paid athletes list from Forbes has been released and surprise, there are no UFC fighters in sight.

For that matter, there weren’t any MMA fighters anywhere on the list. It’s not like a total surprise. It’s not a secret that MMA fighters aren’t exactly equal to other athletes when it comes to pay. Basketball, Football and Baseball players all tend to out earn MMA fighters by a lot. So it’s just combat sports in general that get the shaft right? Nope. The top two of 2015’s list are boxers Manny Pacquiao with $160 M and Floyd Mayweather with $300 M.

Was there really any question as to who number one would be?

Here’s how the top ten filled out:

  • 1.Floyd Mayweather- $300 M
  • 2.Manny Pacquiao- $160 M
  • 3.Cristiano Ronaldo- $79.6 M
  • 4.Lionel Messi-$73.8 M
  • 5.Roger Federer- $67 M
  • 6.LeBron James- $64.8 M
  • 7.Kevin Durant- $54.2 M
  • 8.Phil Mickelson- $50.8 M
  • 9.Tiger Woods- $50.6 M
  • 10.Kobe Bryant- $49.5 M

Sorry Ronda Rousey and Conor McGregor, better luck next year!

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