Florian: Silva – Jones Drug Test A “Black Eye” For The Sport

Cormier Florian
Former UFC title contender Kenny Florian was recently at FOX Sports with Daniel Cormier where he shared his thoughts on the failed drug tests of UFC superstars Jon Jones and Anderson Silva.

Jon Jones made headlines when it was announced that cocaine metabolites were found in his system, this after a random pre-fight drug test was administered by the NSAC prior to his championship victory over Daniel Cormier at UFC 182.

Meanwhile, Anderson Silva most recently tested positive for 2 types of steroids in a random drug test that was taken prior to his UFC 183 victory over Nick Diaz.

Here is what Kenny Florian had to say about the 2 high profile cases:

It’s a black eye for the sport. It’s just embarrassing. We have some of our biggest stars in UFC history testing positive for these drugs. It doesn’t look good, and a lot of the guys are forgetting the “martial arts” in Mixed Martial Arts — which means honor and courage. These guys are forgetting about that and playing with these drugs, and it looks very bad for the sport.

The Nevada State Athletic Commission, I really think they screwed this one up. If they are going to do pre-fight testing, do the test and get the results before the fight. If you’re fighter and you find out your opponent is not only doing a recreational drug, but doing a performance enhancing drug, that’s a completely different deal. Now that fighter is at risk, and I don’t like that at all.

As for Silva specifically, both Florian and Cormier think that the news of the positive test now casts a shadow over his prior accomplishments:

“You don’t have to take those drugs to comeback from an injury like that. Just because he’s 40 years old, doesn’t mean he has to take that”, Florian said. “It’s very unfortunate for him and his legacy. I have some question marks on everything that he did now (in his career). It’s unfortunate.”

“He was able to do something almost super-human to come back from that injury so fast, fight as he did, it does raise questions”, Cormier added. “Like it or not, it cast a little of a shadow for all the things he has accomplished because if there are steroids and there are things like this, you don’t know how long it has been going on.”

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