Fighters Could Face 2-Year Suspension For IV Use

Renan Barao

jeff nov

The UFC’s IV ban will take effect in five weeks, which means a lot of fighters will have to adapt to cutting weight and rehydrating orally. For those who cut extreme amounts of weight, this could be a major change.

The UFC’s drug czar, Jeff Novitsky, recently talked about the ban on The MMA Hour and said that if caught using an IV, fighters could face up to a two year suspension.

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“The risk versus reward under this program, I mean if someone is found out to have taken an IV you’re facing a potential two-year ban, which is a long time in the UFC and in MMA. Hopefully all those factors that are put forth, everyone will follow the rules.

“It is something that [fighters] are going to have to deal with. Whether it means walking around when fights aren’t scheduled a little closer to that fight weight, whether it means, which hopefully it does, being educated through us and through others on how to properly orally rehydrate. The studies and science show that as long as the dehydration isn’t too severe oral rehydration is actually better for you. It’s safer for you. Studies show that you’ll feel like exercise is a little bit easier and you’re exerting less if you orally hydrate.”

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