Edgar’s coach asks ‘scared’ McGregor to ‘man up’ and defend the belt

This past weekend was a big one for not only the UFC but the featherweight division as well.

On Friday night Frankie Edgar scored a quick 1st round knockout win over Chad Mendes to make it 5 straight, further making his case for a featherweight title shot.

On Saturday night Conor McGregor knocked out Jose Aldo in just 13 seconds to become the featherweight champion.

There has been much talk of McGregor moving up to lightweight to face the winner of Rafael Dos Anjos vs. Donald Cerrone, however the way Edgar’s coach sees it, he needs to defend the belt against Frankie.

He spoke on The MMA Hour:

“I saw Conor’s coach’s [John Kavanaugh’s] remark on your show [The MMA Hour]..Bro, why is his boy running so bad? Now, he has [had] two chances to fight Frankie. First was when Aldo got hurt [before UFC 189] and the UFC asked Chad [Mendes] ‘Have you been training?’ and he said no, he’s been doing a hunting show.

“They asked Frankie, and he said, ‘I train all year, yeah, I’m ready.’ He picks Mendes.”

In regards to talks about McGregor going up in weight and immediately getting a title shot, Mark Henry didn’t mince words:

“No one has ever been able to jump up in weight class before taking care of the top five, and this guy doesn’t even have one defense. The guy says he would fight Frankie if Frankie took care of business. Well, he did, so he should be a man of his word and stop being so scared. He’s the one that’s been scared for so many years cutting down from 180, 175 to fight guys with less range, weight and height, while Frankie was 152 fighting 155.

“So now you have the belt – man up and defend it. Like they said in Braveheart, ‘Don’t tuck tail and run.'”

What do you think McGregor will end up doing?

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