Edgar Motivated To Close The Book on Penn For Good

“He’s gunning for me, so that kind of gives me some motivation. You better believe I don’t want to lose a third time around. I’m motivated to go in there, get the job done, and close this book for good.”

“I get it, he’s a competitive person. I guess those two wins are still haunting him. I got some guys that haunt me a little bit I guess. But, he feels this is a chance to get redemption. But like I said. No way I’m going to let that happen.”

“I’ve changed a whole lot. I’m sure he’s changed as much as possible. My thing is, I don’t really focus too much on my opponent. I just worry about my skills and trying to get them as sharp as possible. It’ll be a year to the day since I fought last time and I think I’ve made a lot of gains. I think I have a lot of room for growth and I want to show that.”

In a recent interview with MMA Fight Corner, Frankie ‘The Answer’ Edgar, discussed his July bout against BJ Penn, a man who he’s beaten twice.


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