Edgar: Bantamweight “Doable” But Aldo’s Belt More Valuable

Frankie Edgar

“I weigh around ’58 to ’62. It’s probably doable. But I just don’t know how I’d react and how I’d perform the next day. It’s good to have at my back pocket if I ever do want to go down, or a fight comes up that makes things interesting, but right now, my focus is at featherweight.”

“I’m not all too worried about story lines. I think Aldo holds that mystique as he has been on top for so long. If I can be the guy who takes it from him, that would be more rewarding. Right now, a featherweight title shot (would appeal more than one at bantamweight). It’s the weight class I’m in, and I was very close to getting that title a couple of years back, so I want another crack at it.”

In a new interview with Bloodyelbow.com, Frankie “The Answer” Edgar discussed a potential move to bantamweight, and why he’ll likely continue his pursuit for featherweight gold.