Dustin Poirier Is Walking Away From The Featherweight Division

Dustin Poirier




Dustin Poirier spoke with MMAJunkie Radio about his decision to leave the featherweight division and go up to lightweight.

“It’s definitely a special feeling every time. It’s definitely special. I’m still so young in this sport. This is actually my 30th fight. I still feel young. I never really hated this sport. To tell you the truth, I hated the preparation to get to 145. I hated that last month and a half of camp, cutting down to featherweight. That made me not enjoy training camp. But at 155, I’m enjoying training camp. I’m still doing two-a-days right now. I just got done eating. I’m having a good time again.”

“My body weight is naturally a lot closer to 155. So for me to maintain low weight right before I was getting ready to cut to 145, to get in the low 160s and maintain that was really hard. My body wanted to be so much bigger so bad that if I would eat something or eat a portion bigger than the size I was supposed to, my body would hold the weight and I’d be a couple pounds extra for a couple days. My body wanted to be bigger. So now, being closer to 155, I can eat more and my body just feels happier. I feel more explosive. I feel stronger. This is where I need to be.”


By: Ryan C. Miller | Twitter