Duane Ludwig Happier to Coach Team Alpha Male than Fight Himself

UFC Veteran Duane Bang Ludwig went on Ariel Helwani’s ‘The MMA Hour’ earlier today to talk about Team Alpha Male’s success this last Saturday, and how his participation could lead them to UFC Gold.

Ludwig wasn’t without compliments for the already established team of lighter weight fighters as he explained how well they had been doing before his arrival as the new Head Coach. He simply stated that he was there to refine the small details that would help Team Alpha Male fighters like TJ Dillashaw, Chad Mendez, and Joseph Benavidez reach their dreams of becoming champions in their division.

At one point he was even asked if it would be fair to assume that he was to blame if they did not reach their goals, to which he stated,

“One-hundred percent fair,” he said. “That’s the hurdle. That’s the whole thing. Without me being here, these guys would still win fights. Would the way be how they’re winning them? I don’t know, but that’s the true test, to see if we could get these guys a world title. That’s my goal. That’s our goal. That’s what’s happening.”

Coach Ludwig went on to say that what he is doing is refining thing like, “looking for openings before during and after striking combinations.” and how to use small angle changes to take advantage of those openings, something that he saw that was missing in to be champions’ game.

Ludwig also elaborated on the fact that he is much happier as a coach than a fighter. Claiming his accolades as a mentor rather than a fighter not only give him a new opportunity in the game of mixed martial arts, Ludwig went on to tell Helwani that it was also a bit more lucrative. When before he was barely scraping by, now at Team Alpha Male he can make a bit more of a better living for himself.

Duane Ludwig has not fought since his last loss where he suffered a devastating knee injury in the middle a bout against Che Mills, and went on saying that he will weigh his options in September when he should be 100% healthy, and he will decide his future as either a coach or a fighter then rather than now.


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