Donald ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone Possible IV ban exemption due to accident

ufc cowboy

Recent news of Donald ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone’s missed USADA drug test has kicked up a lot of dust. One of the matters brought up is the recent IV ban by USADA, which Cerrone claims he is exempt from due to an anomaly in Cerrone’s body that is hard to digest. The UFC lightweight title contender is missing about 50 feet of his intestines and half of his stomach due to an old ATV accident.

“I was racing some motocross and I wrecked real bad and just kind of spilled my guts out,” Cerrone said to Sherdog. “They had to take a bunch of my intestines and part of my stomach.”

Back in 2012 when Cerrone fought Jeremy Stephens at UFC on Fuel TV 3, Cowboy was in the hospital two weeks before the bout when the old injury was aggravated.

“What happened this time is, my stomach basically rolled around the intestine. Man, talk about pain. It was like someone was stabbing me. Oh, it was so brutal. I had to go to the ER, and basically they had to empty all of my intestines out and then rush water down my stomach and try to get it to unspin, kind of like a garden hose. If you have a kink in the hose, you run water and the pressure will cause it to unravel. It worked, so thank God.”

Fortunately for Cerrone, the missed drug test will not put him out of his lightweight title fight with champion Rafael Dos Anjos at UFC on Fox 17 on Dec. 19 and he can only hope that the old injury does not show its face ahead of his career defining bout.

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