TJ Dillashaw Talks, And You Should Listen


Reigning and defending UFC Bantamweight Champion TJ Dillashaw was featured on the most recent edition of “Team Alpha Male Radio” and proved to be just as entertaining behind the microphone as he is on the canvas.

Even though fans and media alike have been praising Dillashaw for his striking inside the octagon, TJ reminded us that it was his time spent as a wrestler that molded him into the fighter he is today. “Wrestling was one of the hardest things— I’d probably never want to do it again but I’m so glad I did it because that’s the only reason why I am where I am today”, Dillashaw commented.

He was invited to join Team Alpha Male by Urijah Faber and proved he belonged by building an impressive record. The men who comprise that group are constantly looking to prove they are the best at whatever they do— even if the world isn’t watching. They’ve proven to the world of MMA they are among the best as they have a bevy of championships under their banner. However, behind the cameras, these guys will flex so hard they will pass out… literally.

Dillashaw recounts the time he flexed so hard, he fainted! “I was at Fullerton. We did weights in the morning— super heavy weights, right? We all get back and just for fun, you know, for definition purposes SOLELY. Nothing else but to look good… flexing as hard as we can in the mirror and holding our breath… I flexed so long and held my breath for so long that I ended up passing out and fell in the trash can!”

If you sift through all the fun and havoc these guys cause, though, you’ll find they are exactly what they call themselves: Alpha Males.

TJ Dillashaw became the first man to defeat Renan Barao since his first loss in 2005. Despite walking into the octagon as the heavy underdog, (+700) Dillashaw outstruck the former bantamweight champion for four rounds before knocking him out in the fifth. Dillashaw may have made a decent amount of cash for winning the fight, but he didn’t spoil himself. Instead, he invested his winnings in bettering his body for competition. “After my last fight and when I won the title, I didn’t buy a fancy house. I didn’t buy a nice car. I live the same lifestyle. The only thing I bought was my hyperbaric (oxygen) chamber.”

Dillashaw reasoned the purchase, “That thing is pricey, but to me, it is worth it for my career in the long run. I think it’s going to push me over the top and make me champ for a long time.”

Their camp is FILLED with elite competitors who are always trying to improve themselves, but sometimes they do things that make fans view their camp as a bunch of frat-boys who are trying to impress girls. Dillashaw is a married man and likely doesn’t actively try to win over girls anymore, but he still drinks like the champ he is. After a night of drinking in Las Vegas, Dillashaw entered what he thought was his bedroom. “I take my chain off, my watch off and put it in the exact spot every night. Well I did that and put it in the exact same spot and climbed in bed. I sleep naked… and so does Lance (Palmer).”

The story started to take an entertaining turn. Dillashaw continued, “So I’m blacked out, right? Blacked out… We just woke up one morning in the same bed and I thought it was my bed! We woke up in the same bed in the morning, Tommy is in the room trying to wake us up and when I come out of Lance’s bed buck naked he’s like, ‘Dude! What the f**k are you guys doing?!’ I’m like, ‘Ugh, I don’t even know! Hopefully nothing!'”

Even though he has one of the most impressive track records of any UFC champion right now, fans still trash-talk him online just like they do any other athlete. Dillashaw laughs at the negativity and understands how to deal with it. “You’re always going to have those guys that hate you and talk crap and say that Barao is going to beat me… I’m used to it”.

Despite being at the top of his division, TJ Dillashaw is still hungry to solidify himself as one of the top-names in mixed martial arts. He plans to demand to coach an upcoming season of “The Ultimate Fighter” after his next bout. “I need to coach TUF, man. I need to beat Barao’s ass and DEMAND to coach Ultimate Fighter after that.”

TJ Dillashaw could use the platform as a coach on “TUF” to reach his next goal: Become the first fighter to hold two belts at the same time. “The ultimate goal I used to have was to win the UFC belt. I wanted to be a UFC Champion. Now that I’ve reached that, I set new goals for myself. You always gotta reach for the stars. Now, I want to be the first fighter to hold two belts at the same time.”

He went on to state how he would either move up or down in weight to achieve his goal. Is “The Ultimate Fighter: Dillashaw vs. McGregor/Aldo” what the series needs to revive its ratings? Would you watch it? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

Full Dillashaw segment is below:

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