Demian Maia and Erick Silva Comment on Fighting Each Other

Damian Maia WINS

Towards the end of the “UFC Fight Night 62” post fight press conference, both Demian Maia and Erick Silva were asked if they would be up to fighting each other if the UFC presented them the contract.

More often than not, friends tend to not fight each other. Maia and Silva, however, seem game to duke it out!

Maia responded, “We have the right to fight against each other. I have nothing personal against [Erick Silva]. I am a professional. Whatever I have to do, I will.”

Silva seemed interested, but was clear that he does not feel he is prepared to fight someone of Maia’s rank. “I have the consciousness that he is way ahead of me, and there are a lot of people ahead of me. I believe that, right now, this fight is not a priority. My desire is to keep climbing, step by step, and Demian is way ahead of me.” However, he finished with, “I am here to accept whatever the UFC proposes.”

Things could be getting interesting. Would you want to see this fight? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!