Dancing Video: Holly Holm Victory Dance / Celebration Technique Tutorial!


Most of us witnessed Holly Holm in a ring or octagon showing off her footwork connecting with crisp punches and well timed kicks.   Her defeat against Ronda Rousey saw the rise of a champion,  a massive hometown parade,  an intoxicated Irish fan serenading her and all the fun a new champ itching to get back in the octagon can handle.


If your in the octagon with Holm and she’s doing this dance, chances are she just defeated you.  In the video she illustrates the finer technique of her advanced dancing skills that could shock you, entice you or just plain confuse you.  Either way,  Holm’s desire to out dance the competition after beating them up is a testament to her commitment to dancing and just plain winning.


On a serious note, will Holm be performing her celebration dance at UFC 200 this summer?  Or will a change in dance partners with Meisha Tate be in the future if Rousey can’t make the date?


Be warned the slow-motion “Sprinkler”, it’ll get ya……..  it’ll get ya every time.


Enjoy the video

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